[D&D 5] Looking for a player (English/Online)

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[D&D 5] Looking for a player (English/Online)


Beitrag von Evenstarlights » 5. Februar 2022 11:42

Hello fellow adventurers.

Next week my campaign "Dragon of Icespire Peak" will start on its glorious journey!
And as it sometimes happens one of my adventurers got lost at sea and won't be able to play now. Thats why I am looking for one person to fill up the free spot.

As you can see the campaign will be played in English as currently we have players from Germany, Austria and Norway. It will be online in Discord with some Homebrew Rules, my general rule of cool and almost no maps.

Right now we are a pretty chill group and consist of a Bugbear Paladin, Woodelf Fighter and Tiefling Druid. Yes, -1 Int all over the table right now.

So if you feel like you are interested AND want to know more AND maybe join my group of "struggeled to open a locked door for 15 minutes"-Group feel free to contact me on Discord! Username: Evenstarlights#6969